My Cats

September 28, 2020

This is a living blog post documenting my cats I’ve had since I’ve gotten a smart phone.

All my cats are Cornish Rexes. My mother and grandmother bred Cornish Rexes; to say I grew up with Rexes is an understatement, I slept with kittens in my crib.

Cats in Residence

These are my main kitties, the ones that nap with me every night.


Angelica and I vibing. Angelica and I vibing in the office. That is an oversized pop-art style painting of her in the background, yes. Why do you ask?

Angelica is a very smol girl. I’ve had her since December 2015. She loves to roll over for belly rubs. Her coat is super soft. She loves to snuggle up against my chest and sleep at night.

Angelica watching Hearthstone Angelica rolls over on my desk. Her waves are on full display.

Angelica doing her classic roll all over my chest routine. Angelica greets me after I spent 3 weeks away from the apartment.

Angelica enjoying some quality time with me, again in the office. Angelica loves spending time on my chest in the office. She particularly likes this fleece too.

Spots 2.0

Owen's cat Spots 2.0

I just got Spots 2.0 in Early September 2020 from Trish Blees at AngelWaves in North Carolina. He is a very sweet and rambunctious boy. He is a beautiful specimen, big ears, long legs, long tail, huge nose, a very fine example of the Cornish Rex breed.

We hope he and Angelica bond and keep eachother company once the pandemic is over. She is still warming up to him for now :-)

Owen cuddling with Spots 2.0! Spots 2 learning to cuddle with me in the office.

Spots sitting on books in a bookshelf. Spots hits the books. He’s a studious fella.

Angelica and Spots 2 nap in separate beds on a couch. A clowder that naps together, stays together.

My Mom’s Cats

These are cats that live with my mom. They are all very near and dear to my heart.

Joker (In Memoriam)

Owen's mom's cat Joker.

Joker was super affectionate, he loved pets, and playing with string toys. He wore his stylish sweater around the house and loves guests.

Joker was with me the entire time I was in college, he was a great study partner, and he was always so happy to see me after a long day at school.

Joker sneaking up on an outdoor cat. Joker Stalks a kitten from his posh cushion arranagement.

Joker stretches out in the sun on an ornate rug. Joker stretches out in the sun. When he spends too much time in the sun, his paws and ears all turn pink.

Joker and his brother Spots sunning themselves in August 2019. Joker and his dear brother Spots soaking in as much sun as they can.

Spots (In Memoriam)

Owen's late cat Spots.

Spots was a very special cat to me. He was very driven by his own motives and instincts. He would patrol the house for small critters to hunt and remind my mom and I to feed his brother. On the rare occasion he would want to be held and be petted. He was always good for a nap with his brother or me.

Spots had the most dignified composure at all times, it was as if he was always posing. In some of these pictures you can see his extremely long tail, he was so creative with how he would tuck it away or wrap it around his paws.

I miss him dearly, but I am glad to have Spots 2.0 to raise and love in his place.

Spots drinking from the fountain.

Spots at his fountain. I love how well you can see his waves in this picture.

Spots taking a hard earned nap. Spots cuddles up with two of his favorite blankeys for a nap.

Spots hanging out with Joker in the living room.

Spots and Joker with sweaters on in the living room. Spots’ tail is neatly wrapped around his elbow.

Rest in peace spots.

Spots enjoying the Louisiana sunshine at Christmas time.

Family Photos




Bonus Cats



Kugel is my friend Shoop’s cat. Kugel got lost as a baby kitten, and I helped Shoop and others look for her. She found her way back home on the same day I brought Spots 2.0 home. I will always remember Kugel for her elegant looks and the effort so many put into finding her when she was lost.

Written by Owen Collier-Ridge who lives and works in Washington D.C building things in clouds and playing games. You should check out his personal site.